Slow Stitching and Not Much Else

It was kind of a gray and threatening day yesterday. I believe rain is in the forecast for today as well. We had grocery shopping to do, and I got out for a bit of a walk in the morning. Here's something: This is the view from our space in the RV park. Up until yesterday morning there were other RV's blocking our view of the park models there at the end of the road (marked with a red arrow).

A lot of folks have pulled out and gone home. Apparently, they only paid for half the month of March, and time was up. There's a lot of open space around us now.

My walk was nice if only for one thing...delivery of the quilt labels I ordered from Dutch Label Shop. My friend Marei recommended this company and then I was able to take advantage of an offer on the Moosestash Quilting blog.

If you followed along with the Small, Smaller, Smallest Blog Hop at the beginning of the month, you might have seen Joan's post where she gave a discount code of moosestashquilting15 for 15% off labels ordered by April 7th. I'd been putting off ordering them, but a discount code will get me moving every time. So, there you have it. As I mentioned to my Facebook friends, the only thing holding me back now is inertia....and traveling. Our traveling days will be ending soon, so that only leaves inertia.

Speaking of inertia...this cat is bored as a plank. (Get it? Don't blame me...Mike made it up.)

Traveling is for the birds.

We've tried getting him out of the RV a few times since we've been here...even after the biting episode. We just make sure the neighbor cat isn't outside when we take him out. Still, he doesn't like it here, and he whines to go back in within just a few minutes. There's too much activity in this park in the form of cars driving by, woofies walking by, and mans making noise. We're working on getting him out after dark, but the weather needs to be more cooperative. Yesterday, I gave him some catnip. We even used the really swell Spiderman bowls that George picked out when he was one of our traveling cats.

And that helped some.

Nom Nom Nom snuffle snorf...

Whoa...Smitty...be purrudent when you use that stuff.

You know I'm laying off the green stuff. Just to be purrfectly safe, I'm heading for the hills.

Hey, Smitty! Dad's been repurring the shower. He left the door open. You should come see!

Just be careful, Sadie...sometimes water comes purring down, and that's very bad fur cats.

Hm...well, it is a new place seldom investigated by felines.

Hey, Sadie...I think there's a purrtential fur fureedom through that skylight up there. This merits further investigation. We'd have to jump purretty high. Do you think a boost from the catnip could help?

Okay, well the repairman came in an interrupted their scheming. As for me, I finished up the first of nine blocks for the Friendship's Garden quilt. This was kind of fun with all that color. This is from the Friendship's Garden pattern by Bird Brain Designs.

Next up, I'm doing another of Robin Kingsley's patterns. This is the fifth block of nine for the Heart & Home blackwork quilt called Blessings of Home.

I've traced it out and hooped it up.

That's where I'm heading right now. If the weather is as gray and cold as yesterday, I'm thinking I'll set up the sewing machine today and make something from those St. Patrick's Day fabrics I got. It seems appropriate, doesn't it. After all, 'tis the season...


Wining and Dining

The weather here in Hemet has been changeable and wetter than usual. Fortunately, it most often rains at night and then stays dry during the daylight hours. It rained pretty hard Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but Thursday was dry with blue sky and puffy white clouds. I worked on my embroidery in the morning and finished up the northwest corner.

Now I have just a little bit left to do in the southwest corner.

It's hooped up and ready for this morning's stitching. I doubt I'll finish it today, but you just never know.

So after that, I got out for a walk. I didn't quite make my steps yesterday, but I got close. We had a date with our friends Lenelda and Bill at the Wilson Creek Winery. This one was just a little ways down the road from the Chapin Family Winery we visited last week.

This is one of the larger wineries, and the grounds there were lovely. They had grapevines stamped into their concrete sidewalks.

The buildings themselves wrapped all around this courtyard where there were tables for sitting. There was also a creek with a couple of bridges and this was a very nice place to spend a sunny afternoon. To the right in the image below was the door to the restaurant, and we headed there for some lunch first.

Certainly one cannot have lunch at a winery without enjoying a glass of wine, and so we imbibed.

After that, we headed to the tasting room. We had two-for-one coupons, available on the website. Regular price was five tastings for $20, but at two for one, it was $10 per head for us. Mike and Lenelda had a selection of reds. Bill and I enjoyed their sparkling wines. The tasting fee also includes the glass. Mike and I have all four of our glasses. We're holding the glasses hostage until Bill and Lenelda come to pay us a visit at the Three Cats Ranch B & B in Oregon. Actually, Bill and Lenelda are flying back to their home in Texas, and so you might say we have the glasses in protective custody. I like the hostage idea better.

After all that wine, we took a short walk up into the vineyards. There, this poster was kind of interesting.

It was a pretty day...on the coolish side...but still nice enough to be out. The sky was pretty with those puffy white clouds.

Up the hill, they were setting up for a wedding. The employee there told us they can hold as many as 5-6 weddings in a week there at the winery. It would be a nice venue, and there were other wedding venues right here at this same winery.

After that, we made another trip to Temecula Quilt Co. I visited here last week, but Lenelda hadn't been before. Heck, I'm always up for a visit to any quilt shop, any time.

You might remember this image from the post about my last visit.

I didn't notice this on my first visit, but those blocks are all signature blocks. I wondered how they were collected. A request on the Temecula Quilt Co. blog, perhaps? Many are from Temecula, but there were plenty from out of state as well.

Also, I noticed this quilt folded and lying on a shelf under the cutting table. The store employee told me it was made by the owner's grandmother. Hexie yo-yos! These were about the size of a quarter.

My own grandmother made a yo-yo quilt too. Hers was made from half-dollar sized yo-yo's, and it's pictured in the image below. I can't even imagine the patience it must take to make something like this.

Don't look for anything like this to come out of my sewing room.

Oh yes, and I must have had my eyes closed when I passed by the ruler boxes last trip because there they were, right at eye level.

They came in several sizes. I can only say I must have been blinded by fabric.

I came away with this one. I keep a little box of tools...scissors, tweezers, stylus, and seam ripper (not that I have a need for a seam ripper, or anything). I've been using an ugly metal box that came with something else. This one will be a nice souvenir.

So that was our day, and we enjoyed it. Good food, good wine, good friends...can't beat that. The quilt shop was the icing on the cake.

Today will be a less fun day...grocery shopping...and you know how I feel about that. For now, I'll do some stitching. That always gets the day off to a good start no matter what's on the agenda.


More Blooming Things

We've been here in Hemet for two weeks now. We have just over two weeks before we head for home, and in three weeks, we will be home. I'm more than ready, but not really yearning for it, if you can catch the difference between the two. Our time here is going fast. The weather has turned wet, and if one can believe the forecast, we're in for a wet week. Oh yay.

When we arrived here, and I got back on the Fitbit mill, I showed you every blooming thing in the park. At this point, I've pretty much taken a picture of everything there is to see. Two weeks on, things are starting to change and there are more blooming things...or the ones already blooming have matured, and so I have some different things to show you. This succulent, for example. I probably know its name, but it isn't coming to mind.

The roses are beginning to bloom. Here's the first one I've seen that is fully opened.

Here's an interesting cactus. Sometimes with cactus, it's hard to tell what their flowers are going to look like. I have a feeling this one is going to open some more before it's finished.

Here's a little barrel cactus.

You might remember this one. It was in one of the first posts I showed you when I started walking around here, and there was just this one flower.

Now, look at it.

Yesterday I noticed there are a few plants blooming where they shouldn't. It seems as if residents who have come and gone have left potted things behind that took root and grew up, entangling themselves in the hedges that grow here full time. There are lots of potted geraniums around, but this one appears to be growing in the hedge at the rear of one of the spaces.

And then there's this one whose name I don't know...also growing from one of the hedges.

By now I've shown you most of the yard art and signs, but here are a few I missed. This is a bird made from a rake.

This one is a little hard to see...it's two ants swinging in a swing set. Their bodies are made from rocks.

And then there's this one...know the feeling.

And this one.

I walked by this one many times before I noticed what it said. It's a little faded and hard to read. Can you see it?

It says: "One nice person and one old goat lives here."

Speaking of old goats...when I got back to the RV, he was sitting outside replacing the shock absorbers on the truck.

He's never really happy unless he's fixing something. If somehow by magic things became indestructible and there was nothing left to fix, I think it would be like Superman and kryptonite. He'd just fade away.

Today we're meeting our friends Bill and Lenelda at a winery for some wine tasting and probably some lunch. Also, Lenelda wants to stop off to see Temecula Quilt Co. Heck, I'll go back any time! Today I'll look for those ruler boxes so many of y'all mentioned. I didn't see them in the store, but they were online. Maybe I'll see them today. Also, I want to peruse her patterns more closely. One can never have too many PINS (Patterns I Never Started).


Happy Pi Day!

Of course, I baked an Apple Pie for Two to honor the day. Did you think I wouldn't? Yeah, not on the diet, but that's okay.

Besides...I've come to realize that at our age, dieting is going to be an ongoing affair. The Cooking Light Diet gives me a road map to work from, but I'm always making sensible substitutions and taking a meal (or a dessert) off now and then. As long as we stick to it more days than not, we should be able to lose, and then maintain our weight. It's all big talk. We'll see if it works in practice.

While I was waiting for the pie to bake, I was working on my embroidery. Sadie was helping with all four paws. She really loves to help when I open up a new skein of floss and wind it onto its floss bobbin.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it all goes fabulously. And take a look at that picture. I'd say Miss Sadie is a Southpaw.

Also, I received some pictures from Mae back home. They received my swap postcard yesterday. Do you think this envelope gave it away?

So I asked them to open and unwrap it, and oh my goodness. How cute is this?!? Of course my prompt word was "Cat," if you hadn't guessed it already. My partner, Karen, made this little cat postcard for me.

Here's the message from the back.

That reference to the Wind Cave National Park warmed my soul because it was the first long RV trip Mike and I took when we purchased our first RV back in the early 2000's. We wanted to go some place we hadn't been before. I looked in a national parks book I had from a geology class taken at the community college level and found the Wind Cave in South Dakota. When people asked us where we were going on vacation, I can recall saying, well fasten your seatbelt because it's the most glamorous vacation ever: South Dakota! And, while I was speaking tongue in cheek, I really had no idea the treat that was in store for us.

It you've not heard of the Wind Cave, it's an interesting place. The image above shows the one natural entrance to the cave. It's open for touring, but through a man-made entrance built during the early 20th Century.

One of our most cherished memories from that trip was climbing to the top of this fire tower

and gazing out across the open prairie grasslands.

It was easy to imagine the early settlers crossing this vast expanse as they moved west.

This southwest corner of South Dakota is beautiful. If you've never been, it's well worth planning a trip to see it. You can also see Custer State Park and make some new friends.

We were newbie RVers then, and I had to get out of the truck and watch as Mike towed our RV (much smaller than the one we have now) through The Needles.

Also right nearby...Mt. Rushmore...you too can take the requisite selfie!

So, yeah, Karen. Thank you so much for the adorable postcard and for reminding me of the Wind Cave. It was a nice little trip down memory lane, and I completely agree...it's unforgettable.

The weather has been cold and drizzly again, although there's some clearing as I write this. My next move is to get dressed and go out for a walk. I took yesterday off, and so I want to get back at it again today.

Don't forget to eat a piece of pie today.